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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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(CFDA Nos. 84.122, 84.073, and 84.123)


Legislation: Education Consolidation and Improvement Act of 1981, Section
583(a) as amended, P.L. 97-35 (20 U.S.C. 3851). (Expires September 30, 1987)

Funding Since 1983:

Fiscal Year                     Authorization                  Appropriation

1983                     II                                  $28,765,000

1984                     I/                                    28,765,000

Purpose; To gather and disseminate information on the effectiveness of
programs to meet the needs of individuals served by the Education Consoli-
dation and Improvement Act (ECIA) and to assess the needs of those individ-
uals, to support research and demonstrations related to the purposes of
the ECIA, to improve educational personnel training, and to assist State
and local educators in their implementation of the ECIA.

Structure: The Secretary's Discretionary Program assisted programs in
four categories: (1) those mandated by the authorizing statute (Arts in
Education. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Education, and Inexpensive Book Dis-
tribution!/), (2) that newly mandated by amendments under P.L. 98-312
(Law-Related Education!/), (3) those included in the budget request or
House or Senate committee reports (National Diffusion Network!/, Educational
Television and Technology!./, and Evaluation of the ECIA Chapter 2 Block
Grant), and (4) discretionary programs and projects undertaken by the

o  Category (1): Programs mandated by the ECIA

These programs are described individually in the Annual Evaluation
Report: "Arts in Education" in chapter 117, "Inexpensive Book Distri-
bution" in chapter 118, and "Alcohol and Drug Abuse Education11 in
chapter 114.

o  Category (2); Program newly mandated by P.L. 98-312

The purpose of Law-Related Education is to enable non-lawyers, including
children, youth, and adults, to become better informed concerning the
law, the legal process, the legal system, and the fundamental principles
upon which these are based. The Secretary's Discretionary Program pro-
vided nearly $1 million for law-related education in Fiscal Year 1984.

o  Category (3): Programs cited by House or Senate Committee reports in
response to the Administration's budget request

Under the National Diffusion Network (NDN), organizations that have
developed products or practices certified by the Department's Jointlation